Olimpiada la limba engleza – clasa a XIa 2009-2010 – municipiu

Ok, subiectele:

Subject 1(50 points)

Education is an indivisible part of the prosperity of a nation. The more educated and cultured people there are in the country, the more flourishing and thriving the country is. Comment on this issue in 350 words and argument your decision.

Subject 2(25 points)

Your college magazine needs new contributor-item writers and photographers. Write an article, explaining the aims of the magazine, and inviting new people, whether experienced or inexperienced, to join the team. You also need to briefly outline the duties involved and explain that training will be given where necessary. Write your article in approximately 250 words.

Subject 3(25 points)

A.Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence. Use the word given without changing it.(5 points)

1.There is a strong possibility that the manager will choose Antonio to play on Saturday but it depends on his state of fitness.        Well

Antonio………………the manager to play on Saturday but it depends on his state of fitness.

2.We are sure that the government’s new policy will successfully reduce unemployment. Bound

We think that the government’s new policy …………………in unemployment.

3. You can’t blame Sam for breaking the window because he wasn’t even here this morning. Been

It ………………………… broke the window because he wasn’t here this morning.

4. It is not likely that the effects of global warming can be reversed. likelihood

There is /////////////////////////////// reversing the effects of global warming.

5. I gave up the job at the hotel because there were too few challenges. enough

I gave up the job at the hotel because it………………………. me.

B. Fill each of the numbered blanks in the following passage. Use only one word in each space. (10 points)

Enjoy the benefits of stress

Are you looking forward to another busy week? You should be, according(0) to some experts. They argue that the stress encountered in (1) ….. daily lives is not only good for us, but essential to survival. They say that the response to stress, which creates a chemical called adrenalin, helps the mind and body to act quickly (2)….. emergencies. Animals and human beings use it to meet the hostile conditions (3) exist on the planet.

Whilst nobody denies the pressures of everyday life, what is surprising is that we are yet to develop successful ways of dealing with them. (4)……. the experts consider the current strategies to (5)………. inadequate and often dangerous. They believe that (6)……….. of trying to manage our response to stress with drugs or relaxation techniques, we must exploit it. Apparently, research shows that people (7)……… create conditions of stress for (8)……… by doing exciting and risky sports or looking for challenges, cope much better with life’s problems. Activities of this type (9)………. been shown to create a lot of emotion; people may actually cry or feel extremely uncomfortable. But there is a point (10)……….. which they have succeeded and know that it was a positive experience.

C. Read the text below and use the word given in capital on the right to form words that fit in the gaps. The words in capitals are given in order you need to use them.(10 points)


Performance Art began in the 1960’s in the United States and was (0) originally a term used to describe a live event that often included poets. (1) ……….. film makers and so on, in (2)…………. to visual artists.

There were earlier(3)……………. for this art form, including the Dadaists in France, who combined poetry and visual arts, and the Bauhaus in Germany, whose members used to live theatre (4)………… to explore the (5)……………….. between space, sound and light.

By 1970, Performance Art was a (6)……….. term and its definition had become more specific. Performances had to be live and they had to be art not theatre.

Performance Art could not be bought, sold or traded. Performance artists saw their movement as a means of taking art directly to the public thus eliminating the need for galleries, agents, (7)………………… and any other aspect of (8)………………… In effect, it became a social commentary on the need to maintain the absolute (9)…………….. of art.

One relatively recent form of Performance Art is “mobbing”, an email-driven experiment in organizing groups of people who suddenly (10)………………….. in public places, interact with others according to a very loosely planned scenario and then disappear just as suddenly as they appeared.

Total 100 puncte

Toate subiectele sunt obligatorii. Timp de lucru 3 ore. Nu se acorda puncte din oficiu.

Si rezolvarea mea[apasati pe “Mai mult”]. Am luat 83 de puncte. Nu ma laud. E ok, dar se putea mai bine. De ce postez aici? Pentru ca am cautat subiecte de municipiu la engleza ca disperatu, am gasit doar unul, din 2005. De ce imi pun si rezolvarea? De ce nu? Daca vedeti greseli, ziceti, nu ma supar. Orice comentariu constructiv e pozitiv.

Rezolvarea mea:

Subject 3


1. might very well be chosen by

2. is bound to succeed

3. could not have been Sam who

4. not in the likelihood

5. was not challenging enough for


1. our

2. in

3. which

4. although

5. be

6. efforts

7. who

8. fun

9. have

10. in


1 musicians

2. addition

3. precedents

4. workers

5. relationship

6. global

7. accountants

8. purity

10 materialize

Subject 1.

“Children are the future” is a well-known, wide-spread quote that almost any adult has either hears or thought of at least once in his life. Considering the current technological developments that are taking place all around the Globe nowadays and the trend of creating world-spread brands though, is it enough for an individual, or even a country, to have many children, or is their education also an important issue?

First of all, it is a known fact that all the flourishing civilisations which ever existed had a very well-defined and wide-spread education system. From the ancient Greek and Romans to the more modern English and French, they all knew that it was not nearly enough to give birth to children if one could not be educated both in scientific matters such as mathematics or chemestry  and in the fine arts of painting a canvas or writing a verse. But in the contemporary society, where every country has an education system, how is it best managed?

On one hand, countries with a high level of wellfare, such as the United States of America or Denmark invest a great deal of money in education. While in the first one many scholarships are offered to local and foreign promising students alike to encourage higher education and create future great men and women, the latter has taken a different approach. In Denmark, all forms of education are free. For anyone. Anywhere. This form of educational advertisment, where one basically does not need to pay for a teacher, since his fee is paid by the government has brought many foreign students to Denmark.

On the other hand, countries like Cuba or Colombia, who invest little in education and a whole lot in industry do not have a good reputation worldwide and have a high criminal rating.

To conclude, education is one of the most important topics that a country has to consider. It is of no avail to give birth to future generations only to have the most promising ones practically “flee” to other countries who offer better and cheaper forms of higher education, and in a wider variety. Invest in education to invest in the future.

Subject 2.

Pens and cameras

“Pens and cameras of every age, would you not like to see something strange? Come to us and you will see: a new page will be written in your life diary”.

That is the chorus that is being sung by our director every morning in our magazine headquarters, for we are looking for, as the expression goes, “fresh meat”! Our college magazine is looking for both “pens” in the form of new writers, and “cameras” in the form of photographers.

“Come one, come all” goes the next saying, as we are looking for both experienced and inexperienced people. One must only have the will to embark on a soon-to-be mythical journey as either a writer or a photographer at out magazine.

The new “recruits’” mission, should they choose to accept it, is for the writers to write new and interesting articles of all kinds(except the illegal ones) before a deadline that will be given by their supervisors, and for the photographers to take photographs at the events they will be sent for free by the magazine and give them to their senior editors after the show.

Worry not, though, if you are not possesed of great experience, for you will be trained by our finest experts in your chosen domain of activity.

So make haste, future Peter Parkers and Lowis Lanes, to our magazine headquarters, located on the second floor of our college, and submit your application. You will be contacted briefly by our staff.


5 thoughts on “Olimpiada la limba engleza – clasa a XIa 2009-2010 – municipiu”

  1. ai scris frumos, mai ales articolul. poate is critica fata de propria persoana dar mi se pare ca ai scris mai frumos ca mine, desi am luat nota mai mare
    cum de va lasa sa va vedeti lucrarea dupa?

  2. Pentru subiectul 3 e simplu, pentru ca si tu cred ca ai putut pastra foaia cu subiectele. Cat despre celelalte doua, nu imi voi divlga metodele sau spune opinia despre de ce 3 ciorne = 2 ciorne XD Pentru prima data, nu stiu cine imi scrie un comentariu. Poti sa imi spui numele tau?

  3. Mi-a venit în minte, nu știu cum sau de ce, o fază super veche de la engleză de când făceam PPF-ul: „I haven’t seen Dick since 1987.”
    Mintea mea diabolică face sinapse numai cu chestii de-astea :))

  4. cred ca although nu merge acolo,pentru ca nu urmeaza un “contra-atac”.gen although you did that,i forgive you.iar unde ai pus tu efforts,cred ca mai potrivit ar fi instead. asta asa,la prima vedere
    anyways,imi place pens & cameras.

  5. Pentru o compunere atat de aromnioasa a cuvintelor pe care ai folosit-o tu, ma
    uit si ma gandesc cat exercitiu ti-a trebuit ca sa scri asa frumos.
    La prima vedere textul pare concis, la subiect, si bogat in informatii, si e tocmai ce
    ar trebui sa fie. Articolul pe care l-ai scris despre recrutarea de elevi talentati este
    super. Eu nu m-as fi putut gandi la un ”refren” sau mai bine zis motto pentru
    un ziar tip revista scolii mai bun. Imi place cum ai scris si concentrat tot si ca am
    gasit in sfarsit ceea ce cautam.
    Iti admir munca depusa foarte mult, pentru ca am avut mare nevoie de o referinta.

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