English essay

“With great power comes great responsibility” goes an old saying. The same is available when it comes to money, though. If one has money it does not necessarily mean that he will spend them well. But what does this phrase “to spend well” mean, in fact?

Having money is a well known new found habit that circulates the media around the world nowadays. One can see it everywhere: in the tabloids, on the 6 o’clock news, on the billboards and basically in the people around him. You can always distinguish the poor from the rich, not only by the rags or riches that each one is dressed in but by the look in their eyes. Almost always the rich man will have a smug look whilst the poor one will look humble. On one hand, considering the middle class, though, the border between the rich and not so rich becomes blurred, as the middle class man, sometimes known as the “working class hero”, can always save money he makes by not indulging in some items that are known as “luxuries”, such as jewelry or top-of-the-class cars. Thus, if one can make money, one can save that money.

On the other hand, does everyone who has money and chooses to spend them[not like Moliere’s “Miser”] spend them in a good or equitable way? Unfortunately, the answer to this question is usually negative, the positive one coming from mostly where one would not expect it. Most of the world’s rich people prefer spending money on “luxuries” or other  “unnecessities”. How many rich people do you know that own 3 or 4 cars or have 5 or 6 houses, who throw great parties and spend millions buying soccer players? The most expensive soccer transfer was worth about 50 million pounds. 50 million pounds that could have been used for research for a cure to cancer or to feed Somalian children. Instead, the middle class almost always donates for charity, even if he doesn’t have much to give away. Is that not a paradox?

The conclusion here is to always “spend responsibly” and one should ask himself if the next money he is going to spend could not be spent better furthering a right cause or the right people, helping one not through other material gains but ethically and, if not something else, creating a positive image about one’s self.

Un eseu la engleza. Pregatire pentru olimpiada. I am Wiz, and I approve of this message XD


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